Mr. & Mrs. Cerritelli, (Sat) July 27, 2019

We chose Kevin to be the DJ for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we could have made! He was absolutely fantastic and very organized. He made planning easy and was always there if we needed him. During the reception, he kept guests entertained and kept the party alive. He was an integral part in keeping everything on schedule and assisted us when we fell behind schedule. Everything went smoothly because of him and we had the times of our lives. Whenever we have another event, we will have to have Kevin and if he is not available, I would rather reschedule the event then not have Kevin. Thank you Kevin for being apart of our day and making it the best party ever!

-  Mr. & Mrs. Cerritelli 


Mr. & Mrs. Coolidge, (Sat) July 13, 2019

From our initial conversation to the end of the wedding, we couldn’t have asked for a better guy than DJ Kevin. We were able to provide Kevin with the songs we wanted for the cocktail hour, ceremony, and dances and Kevin took it from there for the reception. He made everything flow seamlessly and made sure everyone had a great time for our special day. Thank you Kevin!

-   Mr. & Mrs. Coolidge


Mr. & Mrs. Somerville, (Sat) June 15, 2019

Where do I begin to describe how awesome Kevin was as our DJ/MC for our  wedding. Chris and I knew Kevin because Chris went to high school and we  both went to the same college as him but we didn’t know him as a DJ before our wedding, we just trusted that he would do an  amazing job, as many of his reviews will point out. When we first  started working with him at the beginning stages of wedding planning  when everything about wedding planning seemed like a huge task – he made us feel so calm and collected. The constant  reassurance and support he gave throughout the ENTIRE planning process  was superb (this includes a text to both of us the morning of the  wedding making sure we knew he was there and ready to make our day so special, and this made me smile!) He was so organized  with helping us with song selections, but but also providing us with  information about where he would be and where the equipment would be for  the ceremony and reception. This was awesome because most of the stuff I had not thought of, but he was so on top of  everything I felt so relaxed! The night went SO SMOOTHLY including our  outdoor ceremony, transitions between different areas at the venue, the  amazing music that he picked out based on our style (we had so many complements from all of our guests) and he  kept us on schedule which was great because we didn’t have to worry  about time! I could keep going about how amazing Kevin is as not only a  wedding DJ, but also a person! (We will be calling him up again FOR SURE for our vow renewals!!!!)  

- Mr. & Mrs. Somerville


Mr. & Mrs. Monroe, (Sat) May 18, 2019


Kevin is an outstanding DJ and one of the primary reasons our wedding  day went off without a hitch. Here’s how he made our wedding experience  spectacular:

Quality: Kevin has excellent taste in music and  created a fun and inclusive playlist that got everyone on the dance  floor and kept them there. He not only used several songs that we had  requested, but ensured that the all of the music aligned with our  musical preferences. The result was a lot of fun. He also did an  outstanding job as MC helping to  coordinate with our venue and our other vendors to ensure that the  entire reception went smoothly. Furthermore, he arrived extra early to  set up and spent plenty of time working with our officiant and  coordinator on microphones and musical timing to ensure that the  ceremony was flawless.

Responsiveness and Professionalism: Kevin was consistently very prompt  in responding to all of our questions by email and phone. He spent  plenty of time speaking with us and using a detailed wedding day outline  to get a good sense of us as people, our overall musical tastes, and  our specific requests. We really appreciated that he took the initiative  in reaching out to us in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make  sure that he had everything he needed to make our day great. While it is  clear he takes his work seriously, he also happens to be one of the  friendliest people we’ve met and was a true joy to work with throughout  the whole process!

Flexibility: Kevin did a great job of  accommodating several specific song requests, and even edited a couple  songs for us to get them just the way we wanted them for the wedding  day! He was open to requests during the event, but at the same time  ensured that any requested songs were in line with our musical tastes.  Finally, he did an excellent job of working with our coordinator to make  a couple day-of adaptations to our reception at our request.

Value: Hiring Kevin as DJ for the event was one of the best investments  we made in our wedding. For the quality we received, and how hard he  worked with us to make our day uniquely ours, we were very happy with  what we paid.

Overall, working with Kevin was one of the  highlights of our wedding experience. He is friendly, fun, thoughtful,  professional, talented, and an excellent listener. One of the best  things he provided us was simply the peace-of-mind that the course of  wedding events and music would go smoothly. We were lucky to work with  him and cannot recommend him highly enough!

- Mr. & Mrs. Monroe  


Mrs. & Mrs. Marsh, (Sun) October 21, 2018

Kevin Graham was a HUGE part of how amazing our special day was!! Not only were his services super affordable, but he took the time to really learn our musical tastes and wants for our reception. ALL NIGHT we kept getting compliments while dancing like “your DJ is awesome!” And “this music is great!!” Kevin was so sweet, he danced with us, laughed with us, and even read a speech my mom had written to go with a special song dedication because she was a little nervous. I would have another wedding reception for the sole purpose of working with Kevin again. We could not be any happier! I don’t think there are enough positive words to share to really express how much of an impact he had on the quality of our wedding reception! If you’re not sure who you’d like to hire as your wedding DJ, your search can stop here!!! Kevin truly is ONE OF A KIND and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him again!!

- Mrs & Mrs. Marsh


Mr. & Mrs. Aasen, (Sat) October 13, 2018

Kevin was an amazing DJ for my wedding. He is such a sweetheart. The day  of we were supposed to have a powerpoint to play off of my macbook and I  purchased the wrong adapter. The guy had someone go out to walmart to  get me the right one! He went above and beyond to make sure my day was  special. His services were great, he is very detail oriented and very  professional. He has excellent equipment and made sure the outdoor  ceremony was loud enough for everyone to hear. I definitely made the  right choice with Kevin Graham! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Aasen


Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald, (Sat) September 29, 2018

Kevin was the DJ at my wedding and he was absolutely amazing! Customized music to meet our needs/wants for the wedding, had the best party, got everyone on the dance floor, and we absolutely would not have changed a thing! He’s super easy to collaborate with and make your day special!
Highly recommend!!! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald 


Mr. & Mrs. Stweart, (Sat) September 22, 2018

Loved having Kevin apart of our big day! He communicated well throughout  the whole process and was very patient! He made sure the day off ran  smoothly and all of our favorite songs were played. So grateful! Thanks Kevin! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Stewart


Mr. & Mrs. Hogan, (Sat) April 14, 2018

DJ Kevin was so amazing as our wedding DJ!  I got married this past  week, April 2018 at the Inn at the Old Silk Mill.  DJ Kevin was excellent.  He was very  responsive and accommodated all our requests including helping us play a  song on a 1904 phonography my dad owned for the father daughter dance. Not only was the music awesome, but we was excellent MC and stayed in  touch with the wedding planner, caterer and photographer to keep the  night moving smoothly.  He always made sure myself, my husband and our  parents were ready and aware of any special songs/events coming up.  I  highly recommend working with him!! 

-Mr. & Mrs. Hogan


Mr. & Mrs. Burns, (Fri) April 6, 2018

DJ Kevin was absolutely wonderful to work with! He was very  professional, organized, and helpful through the entire planning  process. He also made sure to play songs that were special to us. At our  wedding reception, everything went so perfectly, and on top of that, he  was so fun and upbeat! We really were not surprised because he was so  awesome during the planning process. His attention to detail really  gives you confidence that you won’t have anything to worry about when it  comes time to celebrate! We felt very lucky to have him there for our  special day! Thanks again, Kevin! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Burns

*King Family Vineyard 


Mr. & Mrs. Wright, (Sat) March 17, 2018

 Kevin  is the DJ that you WANT at your wedding.  When my then boyfriend and I  started talking “wedding” and possible dates Kevin was one of the first  people we reached out to about availability.  After attending several  weddings that he had been the DJ we knew we wanted no one else.  Kevin  is great about reading the room and getting the party started, and then  keeping it moving.  His energy is contagious and because he is not a  “behind the table” DJ  he is up and out on the dance floor making everyone want to join him.  We cannot recommend him enough!!!  Thank you Kevin for making our wedding extra special!!!

-Mr. & Mrs. Wright - Mount Ida Farm


Mr. & Mrs. Muñoz , (Sat) November 11, 2017

Kevin was our DJ and it was one of the best decisions we made! He was so  responsive every time I had a question or we needed to touch base  leading up to the wedding. I had a couple of requests for songs for our  ceremony where he had to do some special editing... and he nailed it and  put me at ease! Such a pleasure to work with and just an all around  great guy. We received so many compliments about or DJ and the music.  Thank you for being a part of our special day, Kevin! 

- Mr. & Mrs. Jessica Muñoz


Mr. & Mrs. Lowe , (Sat) September 16, 2017

Our wedding DJ Kevin was great DJ at our wedding. We chatted with him before the wedding, so everyone can get familiar with each other. Even then he was full of energy which was a huge thing for us. He let us come up with the songs we liked the most, worked with us  (my wife let’s be honest), about how, when everything would be in the timeline for the night. We agreed to let Kevin use his judgment and trusted his fun personality for picking the right music at the reception. He didn’t disappoint. We wanted a laid back fun themed wedding and Kevin provided it throughout the night. He played a mixture of oldies but also current songs, and regardless of the songs being played 90% of the guest list was on the dance floor including the bride and groom. We received many compliments for such an incredibly fun wedding. Kevin was a huge part of that by reading the audience to play the right kind of music. Kevin made our special day “Legen-(Wait for it)-DARY!!   Best regards The Lowes 

-Mr. & Mrs. Lowe -Inn at the Old Silk Mill


Mr. & Mrs. Troy, (Sat) July 15, 2017

I have known Kevin since early in high school where he would DJ for our dances at Mountain View. I always had an absolute blast and knew it was because of his awesome music. I am an absolute lover of music and dancing, so when it came to our wedding, this was a very high priority for me. I immediately knew I had to reach out to Kevin and luckily he was available for our day! I cannot recommend him highly enough. Not only were his song selections perfect, he was so helpful throughout the planning process and keeping the day on track.  Even now, six months later, guests still rave about our DJ and I am always thrilled to tell them about Kevin.  This was hands down one of the easiest wedding decisions I made and you will absolutely not be disappointed either! Thank you again Kevin for making it the best night ever!!" 

-Mr. & Mrs. Troy


Mr. & Mrs. Russo, (Sat) July 1, 2017

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful, but choosing Kevin as your  DJ means you will have one less thing to worry about and you'll have an  amazing event. Kevin is good at reading the crowd and choosing the  perfect music for your guests. Not only is he a fun and exciting DJ, he  is very professional and has all of the equipment that you will need! He  knows exactly what he is doing and is so helpful in ensuring that your  event runs as smoothly as possible. I have received so many compliments  from my guests on how much fun he was and how seamlessly everything  flowed. He stayed on top of my timeline and made sure everything that I  wanted actually happened. I can't thank him enough for everything he did  for us and how perfect my wedding was because of him. My only wish is  that I was able to spend more time on the dance floor! Thank you, Kevin! 

-Mr. & Mrs. Russo CrossKeys Vineyards


Mr. & Mrs. Zavosky, (Sun) September 10, 2017

 Kevin was the DJ for our wedding a few weeks ago at Old House Vineyards and he did a phenomenal job!! He did a great job reading the crowd to keep people on the dance floor the entire night. He was tremendous to work with because he made us feel at ease when going over the timeline and song selections. He is extremely professional and definitely an expert in his field. We would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a DJ for any occasion!!!!! Thank you Kevin for making our day memorable!

- Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Caitlyn Zavosky


Hott Wedding April 2016

 Kevin Graham of DJ for All Occasions did an outstanding job serving as the DJ and master of ceremonies for my wife, Heather's, and my wedding in April 2016 at King Family Vineyard. As impressed as we were for his exceptional skills in curating a wedding playlist and serving as the "voice" of our evening, we were even more thankful of the effort he put forth in making sure our special day went on smoothly without any undue stress on our plates. From the moment we agreed to our contract with Kevin, he made sure to stay in touch with us every step of the way, not only to make sure he had all of the information and song choices he needed from us, but also to make sure there that we as the bride and groom had not forgotten any important details with regards to the flow of our ceremony. Kevin came readily prepared with his own sound equipment for both our ceremony as well as the reception. Although my wife and I wound up having an indoor ceremony due to weather, Kevin was prepared for either an indoor or outdoor ceremony with a day's notice. He did a great job working with our wedding musician to make sure he would be plugged in and ready to go for the big moment. Likewise, he provided the needed amplification for all of the wedding toasts and blessings. As a master of ceremonies, Kevin was full of energy and charisma and did an outstanding job of making sure everyone at the wedding was having a great time. When initially working with Kevin, I was a little surprised to find out that he did not have a sample playlist to share, but we realized this was for the best, as Kevin had his thumb on the pulse of the party and displayed a masterful control of the party music, employing songs from all genres that got everybody on the dance floor. That said, he had no issues taking requests for songs that were important to the bride and groom and was sure to stay in touch with us about the ideal time to play such music. I was particularly impressed with Kevin's catalogue of 1990s hip hop and R&B standards. Above all else, Kevin took the extra effort to make sure Heather and I were comfortable and happy through every twist and turn of the process, whether it be to remind of us an important part of the reception, or to grab us a quick drink refill when we were speaking to guests. Although we certainly won't be getting married again, we would be more than happy to have Kevin host any other occasion in need of a DJ. He went above and beyond the call of duty for our big day, and was available at a very reasonable rate. April 30 was the best day of my wife's and my life, and this wouldn't have been possible without Kevin Graham! 

-Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Hott


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